Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone

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• Designed for Podcasting and Streaming
• Works with Computers and Tablets
• Built-In Pop Filter & Isolation Stand
• 3.5mm Monitoring Jack
• Cardioid Polar Pattern for Room Noise
• Headphone Volume Control
• High-Quality 48 kHz / 24-bit Recording
• Bus-Powered from Computer or Tablet
• No Drivers Required for Operation
• Stand, USB Cable & Thread Included


Record high-quality podcasts or stream sterling audio with the RODE NT-USB Mini, a USB microphone that punches above its class in terms of sound, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you're recording content on a computer or a tablet, this USB microphone can ensure a professional sound, as its capsule is specifically tuned for the spoken word, and its construction is tailored to provide as little handling noise as possible.

The RODE NT-USB Mini will allow you to record audio straight to your computer over USB, foregoing the usual audio interface, mixer, or high-priced recording equipment. It will do so while minimizing noise in the room, thanks to its cardioid polar pattern, which naturally focuses audio spoken directly into the mic while tamping down any sound to the back or sides. Requiring no special drivers to download—and filtering out vocal plosives with an internal windscreen—the mic will enable you to capture a clean recording, one that sounds professional right out of the gate.

Designed for the Spoken Word

The NT-USB Mini's condenser capsule is tuned by RODE to capture both the warmth and the presence of your voice, giving your recordings the heft they need to cut through the fray.

Works with Your Setup

The mic will operate with both Mac and Windows computers as well as tablets, so long as you have the compatible adapter for mobile devices (available separately). No preamp, interface, converters, or mixer are necessary for recording your voice.

Thoughtful Appointments for Everyday Use

A built-in windscreen helps mitigate vocal pops and plosives for a cleaner sound. The included stand is more than a stand—it isolates the NT-USB Mini from structurally borne noises and vibrations. This delivers a cleaner sound. If you want to take the mic off the stand, this is easy, as its magnetically attached. A 5/8 to 3/8" thread adapter ensures you can mount NT-USB Mini on nearly any mic stand.

Cardioid Polar Pattern for the Untreated Room

The microphone makes use of a directional cardioid polar pattern to minimize off-axis sound. This polar pattern naturally tamps down room tone, focusing the audio capture on whatever's in front of the mic. Depending on your particular room, you may still need a little room treatment, or some noise-reduction software, to address issues such as your computer's hum or your air conditioner—but the chances of this are markedly lower with a cardioid polar pattern.

Built-In 3.5mm Headphone Jack and Volume Dial

The mic offers a headphone jack for monitoring. Just plug a pair of headphones into the NT-USB Mini's 3.5mm jack, and you'll be able to listen to your high-quality audio in all its glory. Also, a convenient volume dial helps you raise or lower the headphone volume; you won't have to change the volume on your computer or your recording software to hear audio at your desired level.

High-Quality Audio Capture

The mic records audio at 24-bit / 48 kHz, giving you the broadcast standard for how many samples it can record in a second, and providing a high degree of dynamic range. A non-techy translation: this microphone is well suited for picking up the nuances of your voice.

USB Connection Right Out of the Box

An included USB cable means you can get up and running right away. Bus-powering means no batteries or pesky wall-wart adapters are required to run the mic. Class-compliant operation means you don't need to download and install separate software to make the mic "talk" to your computer—all you need to do is plug it in.



Form Factor

Sound Field

Operating Principle
Pressure Gradient

1 x Electret Condenser

Polar Pattern

Side Address



High-Pass Filter

Tone Adjustment

On-Board Controls
Headphone Volume


Frequency Range
Cardioid Condenser:
20 Hz to 20 kHz

Maximum SPL
Cardioid: 121 dB SPL (1% THD)


Output Connectors (Digital)
1 x USB Type-C

Headphone Connector
1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm

Wireless Connectivity

Digital Audio

A/D Conversion

Sample Rate
48 kHz

Digital Signal Processing

Internal Memory

Operating System Support
Windows, macOS/OS X

Available Port
USB (Interface Unspecified)

Bus Power

Operating Voltage
5 V



Tabletop (Included)

Construction Material



• Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone
• Desk Stand
• USB-C Cable
• 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter
• Limited 1-Year Warranty

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